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House: What do you think of me hiring a nutritionist instead of a neurologist? I mean, they sound almost the same.
Wilson: I take it you met a hot nutritionist.
House: Don't cheapen this. We had an in-depth conversation about proteins and fats. I was about to examine her boyfriend's rectum...
Wilson: You asked for a date while your finger was in her boyfriend?
House: Got a number.
Wilson:! (takes paper) This is an employment application! She doesn't want to go out with you, she's looking for a job...God, she's 26!
House: And with the wisdom of a much younger woman...
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Premiers October 3.

No Cuddy -- Lisa Edelstein decided not to return to the show.
A lot less Thirteen -- Olivia Wilde wants to do more movies.
And it could be the last season.

What is the world coming to...
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Clinic exam room. House and the Dummy Girl:

-- So where do you feel the pain?
-- In the back of my head, here.
-- It's Beccaria's sign, it'll be down by your third trimester
-- Oh, I'm not in school.
-- (Blank stare) Neither is your fetus.
-- Oh God...How do you...You know I'm pregnant just from my headache?
-- How do I know? I missed my period, I got fat, threw up...oh wait, that how you know.
-- What?
-- I know because your tight shirt is overstretched by your swollen boobs, because of the salt craving you reported in the clinic and because of the motion sickness patch that is not going to help you against the sickness you feel in the morning.
-- Yeah...I am virgin, and so is my fiancee.
-- I'll believe him.
-- Aren't there other ways I could get pregnant, like sitting on a toilet seat?
-- Absolutely! There would have to be a guy sitting between you and the toilet seat but yes, absolutely!
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House MD is good not just for watching -- sometimes for listening too ;)

This is Steve Winwood -- I'm not Drowning (audio only). End song from Season V - "Here Kitty".

Pretty cool. Youtube sound quality leaves something to be desired -- it sounds better on the original record -- but you'll get the idea.


Oct. 27th, 2009 09:14 pm
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Got House MD Season Five en route from Netflix. First 3 disks arrive tomorrow. I'm'a have me a marathon...
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Run the video inside.

via [ profile] dolboeb , image (c) [ profile] zilyabr


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