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Congrats, Google -- you managed to fuck up a perfectly good OS (Android 4.4.4 KitKat) with a "better" release of 5.0.1 Lollipop. Nothing makes OS better than taking away some functionality present for years, restricting other functionality and changing operational paradigms to something you believe is "cool".

What a bunch of assholes. I'm reverting back to KitKat for now -- perhaps enough people will yell at Google to bring back lockscreen operations and do something with the idiotic notifications that aren't of any use to anyone even fleetingly security-conscious...

PS. And fuck your Material Design icons: the ugly flat look is not cool, it's just that -- ugly. Nothing says "awesome" better than a single-color solid-fill no-shadows no-nothing flat fucking icon...on a 32-bit color full HD screen...
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This is what I run on my Nexus 7, minus the games and banking apps.

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Oracle будет патчать дырку в JVM 7/8 x64 (JVM crash), которую мне лично надо было закрыть. Mой продукт пользует одну вендорную библиотеку, которя наступает на этот баг, поэтому мы не можем перейти на 7/8 х64...я напряг наших корпоративных Оракловых саппорт-контракторов под свист "мы ж баржа...", а они, соответственно, собственно Оракл...
Иногда приятно работать в огромной конторе, которая может снять трубку, позвонить в Оракл, и сказать "...а вот это -- чтобы в следующем релизе, и без очереди, сукнахбл"...
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И ведь да -- не захочешь :))

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Setting my ReadyNAS Pro 2's MTU from auto-negotiated 1500 to manual 1492 quadruples transfer speeds to/from NAS. Incredible. But why?

KitKat 4.4

Nov. 17th, 2013 03:07 pm
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Updated my Google Nexus 7 manually with the latest KitKat 4.4 build. Things have gotten more complicated as a manual update now requires use of Android SDK tools (adb), having the tablet/phone wired in, and having Google's USB drivers installed. It used to be that you just had to drop the zip into the root directory on the device, boot it in bootloader mode and just pick the zip..not anymore...
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Verizon is not supporting the newly released Google Nexus 5 flagship phone.

What kind of bullshit is this...
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Whilst browsing on my new Google Nexus 7...

Search string was "statistical calculator"...

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Tethered my laptop to my cell phone via USB (could do BT as well). Awesome -- 4G wireless modem anywhere you go. And free. PdaNet+ people, available for anything...

$20 for tethering "plan"? I don't think so.
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Идешь, значиццо, купить в автомате пакет орехов, а автомат висит...

Что лишний раз напоминает об in-flight entertainment на недавнем рейсе в Рейкьявик:

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Optimum just doubled my internet connection speeds both ways. Free. Unnecessary, but nice.

Now, if only I could order channels a la carte...
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Nikon has filed a patent covering the idea of a password-based security system for lenses. The patent lists the high value of lenses as a reason for the innovation - the camera would refuse to shoot with a lens unless the correct password was entered. This is an attempt by the the company to prevent resale of stolen gear.

Nikon Rumors has extracted this (Google translated) passage from the patent:

'Conventionally, the imaging device provided with the security function is known. In such an imaging device, the technology which makes photography impossible until the password set up previously is entered, in order to prevent a theft and a mischief'.

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I'm coming up in the world -- apparently, there are now people on the floor who know KDB less than I do...whenever people ask me for KDB advice I can't help but giggle...

Plague Inc

Feb. 4th, 2013 10:46 pm
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If you haven't played this for Anroid or iPhone, you are missing out. Quite awesome.

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Подключил, в качестве эксперимента, комп к раутеру через провод, а не wireless. Скорость туда и обратно увеличилась больше, чем в три раза (58М down, 8M up).  Хуйня этот ваш Wireless N.
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My Asus Ultrabook laptop was just featured on today's NCIS LA episode. They have smacked some kind of unrecognizable/unreadable pseudo-logo where it says ASUS on the lid but the machine is easily identifiable by the concentric ring pattern on the polished aluminum casing and the lid tip notch.
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Got myself a brand spanking new Asus Zenbook -- Win7 answer to MacBook Air. Very good-looking little bastard. It's bigger than MacBook at 13", but not heavy at all, with all the SSD drives and all that. Could've gotten a smaller 11" but figured with my hand size 13" is better. Very nice, Harry.

Also upgraded my home network, finally, to N. Got Cisco ES3000 dual-band router and a USB 3-compatible external dual-band N-access point (huge antennas on that thing). Router looks very nice, slick. It's nice to see Windows report connection speed of 270M, even though you know it is limited on the WAN end by Cable-fucking-vision's suck-ass network.

And since I was on a buying spree, got a 1080p set-top USB 3-compatible camera with proper glass and a 32GB USB 3 pen drive to carry around.
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Сегодня, выходя с работы, уронил свой Киндл, бля, в лестничный пролёт. Ударившись сначала об одни перила, потом этажом ниже ещё о перила, и ещё этажом ниже об ступеньки, Киндл приземлился. И ничего. Ребутнулся, да и всех дел. Сорокадолларовая толстая шкура себя вполне оправдала...
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Дети, пользуйтесь презервативами Ad-Aware. Случайный тест нашёл несколько троянов на моей машине -- и это у паранойного меня, который не устанавливает левый софт и сидит за firewall-ами и т.д. После того, как smart scan нашёл один троян, запустил full scan на три часа -- и нашёл ещё пару заражённых файлов. Система, похоже, скомпрометирована не была - трояны были не в памяти, но это всё же alarming. И это всё при том, что Norton AntiVirus работает 24/7. И нихуа он не видит, вот что я вам скажу.


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