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Читаешь вот этот список, и просто по количеству названий сразу видно, что это что-то давно известное, широко распространённое и очень мерзкое:

Chumble fever, Continued fever, Crimean fever, Cyprus fever, Fist of mercy, Goat fever, Milk sickness, Mountain fever, Neapolitan fever, Satan's fever, Сlow fever, Scottish Delight.

Как по мне, так Satan's Fever и Scottish Delight are the winners.

Ежели кому интересно, это всё народные названия ... )


Aug. 26th, 2009 10:40 pm
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Well, there goes the hiking trip. Again. Second time in three years.

Went to the doc about my foot -- it's either a micro stress fracture or PF, as I thought. Need another MRI, for the foot this time (I'm sure Aetna will love it). Have been advised not to go hiking, or "it will be unpleasant".

On top of that -- apparently, I am all out of alignment. My right side is stiffer than the left (I knew that). My tendons are too tight (so I need daily stretching, been shown proper exercising), and my right foot rolls when I walk, so I now need permanent orthotic support in my shoes.

Clearly, people have gotten diagnoses a ton worse than this. But I am currently in the best cardio shape ever, and I can't use it in Montana cz I can't fucking walk!!!

PS. I am visiting my PCP tomorrow re: MRI of my wrist I destroyed playing tennis last year. There's prolly nothing good on that MRI. Fuckers. But I shall persevere. Even if I have to fucking crawl to the gym.
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BMI = 24.2

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It had been called the "French disease" in Italy and Germany, and the "Italian disease" in France. In addition, the Dutch called it the "Spanish disease", the Russians called it the "Polish disease", the Turks called it the "Christian disease" or "Frank disease" (frengi) and the Tahitians called it the "British disease".

What is "it"?

Comments are screened. From the pros.
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Все помнят "Дирол с Ксилитом"?

Мой любимый Trident тоже с ксилитом, так я решил посмотреть, чего там в нём. Оказалось, что он не только не вреден, а даже и очень полезен

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If anyone needs a good chiro specialist, I just visited this one:

Cool dude: very attentive, immediate hi-res digital xray of the neck done right there with no waiting, identified misalignment and adjusted my neck and upper back, and did 10 minutes of electro therapy to relax  shoulder muscles. All together -- 30 minutes, less even.

Takes all kinds of insurance too.
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How about them apples fingers?

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  • Sgt. Dan Powers is a squad leader with the 118th Military Police Company
  • He was stabbed in the head with a nine-inch knife
  • Thanks to fast-acting medical professionals, Powers survived
  • Today, he sometimes takes aspirin for the headaches but that's all


Jun. 14th, 2007 05:38 pm
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Общий больничный счёт за моё лёгочное приключение, включающий в себя emergency chest tube, xrays, CT scan and room/board за пять дней - $35,400.

Вывод: дети, даже если вы очень-очень здоровые и совсем ни на что не жалуетесь, обязательно покупайте себе страховку, покрывающую 100% больничных затрат. Ибо иначе вы будете голые и босые стучаться в борт.
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Железо 34 при нижней допустимой границе в 45.

Придётся грызть рельсы.
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Spontaneous pneumothorax.

I don't recommend it.

(Disclaimer to God: it's all relative, Lord, I know. There are much harsher things in life).

'nough said.
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Сегодня мой гомункулус лабораторный иглоукалыватель акупунктурный ужо поизмывался надо мной как сам того хотел. Несмотря на получение указания заниматься укалыванием мышц правого плеча, кое до сих пор несколько деревянное, он решил по старой памяти пройтись по более исторически проблемной левой стороне. Втыкая с проворотом четвертую иглу в край latissimus dorsi, он, на мои сдавленные мычания на предмет "Вы что, все иголки в одну точку воткнули?", сказал "Ну зачем же, по всей длине", добавил ещё три в правое плечо, одну в шею, и оставил меня мычать дальше на двадцать минут (пока иголки в боку и в плече, рукой/спиной не двинешь).

ПС. Как бы там ни было, акупунктуру рекомендую очень, ежели мышечно чего защемили или просто мышцы расслабить нужно.
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Agnolo di Tura "the Fat", of Siena, records his experience:
Father abandoned child, wife husband, one brother another; for this illness seemed to strike through the breath and sight. And so they died. And none could be found to bury the dead for money or friendship. Members of a household brought their dead to a ditch as best they could, without priest, without divine offices ... great pits were dug and piled deep with the multitude of dead. And they died by the hundreds both day and night... And as soon as those ditches were filled more were dug ... And I, Agnolo di Tura, called the Fat, buried my five children with my own hands. And there were also those who were so sparsely covered with earth that the dogs dragged them forth and devoured many bodies throughout the city. There was no one who wept for any death, for all awaited death. And so many died that all believed it was the end of the world.
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We all know what Bubonic Plague did to Europe in the old days.

Mortality rates of 30 to 75 percent for bubonic, 90 percent for pneumonic and close to 100 percent for septicemic.

But check this out: it kills its vector, too! That's right -- the human dies, the rat dies and the fucking flea dies as well!
The bacteria multiplies inside a flea, blocking its stomach and causing it to become very hungry. The flea then voraciously bites a host and continues to feed because it is unable to satisfy its hunger. During the feeding process, infected blood carrying the plague bacteria flows into the wound. The plague bacteria then has a new host, and the flea eventually dies from starvation.

Nasty, nasty, nasty.


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