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This is for the poor schmucks who still believe Da Gubmint will help your sorry ass if shit hits the fan.
Anyone from Zone A will attest to the contrary.
Batteries, water filter, canned food and ammunition :-)

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My building is the only one with power in the immediate vicinity. Pitch black everywhere else. I wonder how long the generator will last...

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Lots of daytime pics coming unless our generator dies again. Stay tuned.

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Water level outside the building a few hours back. Mind you the entrance is elevated two feet at least. The cars outside were flooded up to trunks. I didn't want to open the doors because it would flood the lobby even more.

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Radio says Coney Island is under 4 feet of water but the good news is that the tide is now turning and wind is coming down. I am hoping the water comes down enough for me to venture out tomorrow.

So far can't reach parents but that's not surprising.

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Okay folks it very real now. Coney Island is completely flooded. Street levels above car trunks and rising, water pouring into lobby. Level at lobby windows at least a foot outside.

All cars outside flooded, shorted and screaming sirens and alarms.  Smell of burning wires and clear fire on the air someplace.

Stay tuned.

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High wind continues to fry power lines, I can see sparks all over.

The wind smells like burned wood -- something is clearly on fire near the building.

The lights on the street just went out but the buildings continue to get proper AC power, so far.

The fun goes on!
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Barometric pressure dropped like a rock a few more points, down to 959 now.

Horizontal rain outside, about 40mph winds.

Waiting for Con Ed to cut power. Meanwhile, scoring big in Borderlands 2.

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Barometric pressure 965 millibars and falling.

Strong horizontal rain bands with good winds, 35mph or so.
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Low tide swells, about 4 hours from expected landfall

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Winds on the beach are gusty and slowly increasing -- the rain droplets hurt my face at this speed.
Nice surf out there but nothing major flooding-wise since it's low tide, although the wind is still blowing from the North and thus against the waves.
Barometric pressure dropped 30 points to 970 in the last three hours and continues to fall.
Got notice from Con Ed that they will be turning power off around 6pm. Will venture out again before the the eye makes landfall. Should be fun with all the lights off in the neighborhood.
My huge battery pack (leftover from the telescope mount) is pretty handy -- beside long lasting power for the flashlight it has a radio, siren and outputs for charging devices. Not that it will help with the cell towers powered down...

Living on the edge, living on the edge...


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