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I find myself quite fond of an old Travolta movie, "The General's Daughter", based on Nelson DeMillle's novel. One of those rare cases when the movie is more interesting than the book, in my humble opinion. In any case, I always found its ending unfulfilling -- the case is solved, and the main characters are simply shown driving away, despite their tumultuous back-and-forth all through the film.

Apparently there was an alternate ending that didn't make the movie...I like it far better, and not for its romantic notions, but rather for a sense of closure of the inter-personal cut-ins Simon West stuck with throughout the film.

Whatever you might think of the film itself or the book, the sound track is quite awesome. "Sea Lion Woman (She Began To Lie)" and "Rock Island Line" are worth listening to -- something of the "old-timey material", to use a phrase from "Oh Brother, Where Art Though".

Alternate ending

Rock Island Line (traditional, re-arranged 1934 Kelly Pace recording)

Sea Lion Woman (traditional, Shipp sisters)


Jun. 24th, 2014 08:57 pm
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Dixie is a fun song!

As far as I know it was not the CSA's official anthem though as the YouTube links suggest. Nevertheless...

Country version:

And a less country version:
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Sting and Dominic Miller, Shape Of My Heart...

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Tool: 46 And 2 (cover)
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Awesome stuff, you can wind up to 02:40...

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Rick Nelson and Dean Martin in Rio Bravo -- My Rifle, Pony and Me + Cindy, Cindy.

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God bless this man. Unsurpassed musician of our time he remains.

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The awesome thing about the Kindle is that your highlights are accessible from your Amazon account.

I'm posting my clippings from Life, by Keith Richards -- random passages that hit the eye for some reason, usually because they are funny or explain a historically important musical event or item.

Note to the publisher -- let's consider this promotional material :)

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Закончил, наконец, Life -- автобиографию Keith Richards-а. Очень понравилось. Прямо как-будто узнал чувака лично, да и окунуться в великие 60-е/70-е было интересно. Понравилось ещё, что написано, в общем-то, без претензий на величие. Несмотря на то, что иногда приходилось пропускать пару страниц философствования, в общем и целом рекомендую.

PS. Пойду ещё раз послушаю Midnight Rambler, Madison Square Garden, 27-28 ноября 1969...
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Since we're all a bit Irish on March 17th, and because they have been playing Irish music everywhere all day, here's my personal musical tribute to all ye Quinlans (that means you, Stack), Kilkennys, O'Sullivans and Nihills. Personally, I love Celtic music, there is something about it that just touches my heart.

Dog A L'Orange -- an amazing piece by Buille.

Toss The Feathers by the Corrs

And just for the fun of it

Drunken Lullabies by Flogging Molly
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Пощу Stones, пока читаю Life by Keith Richards.
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Читаю Life -- автобиографию Keith Richards'a. Это труба, апокалипсис и анархия.

Apropos, недавно видел комментарий на ю-тюбе к клипу Jumping Jack Flash -- одной из моих любимых песен Stones: "Keith Richards cannot be killed by conventional weapons".

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Мне этот вариант нравится намного больше оригинала в испонении Марвина Гея...


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