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Nothing like a massive infrastructure breakdown to start your week.

I mean, what's a quadruple redundancy failure amongst friends?!
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Мир ёбнулся мозгом. Мой новый индийский начальник, в принципе неплохой чувак, настаивает, чтобы я пользовался нашим внутрикомпанейским аналогом, блядь, фейсбука. То есть я теперь должнен френдить, фоллоу, и т.д. разнообразные рабочие хуйни. А по приходе на работу я должен теперь не только инбокс смотреть и чистить от е-мейлов, которыми все нормальные люди пользуются, но и заходить на эту фб-хуйню и смотреть, кто в каких конверсейшенах чего написал. То есть оно, конечно, по работе, но -- яебу.

А начальник со мной хочет только по фб-хуйне общаться, и если ты не увидел/не посмотрел текущий конвер-факинг-сейшн, то оно обижается, гневится и тэ дэ.

Боже, какая хуйня!

Уходить надо, вот что.
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Oracle будет патчать дырку в JVM 7/8 x64 (JVM crash), которую мне лично надо было закрыть. Mой продукт пользует одну вендорную библиотеку, которя наступает на этот баг, поэтому мы не можем перейти на 7/8 х64...я напряг наших корпоративных Оракловых саппорт-контракторов под свист "мы ж баржа...", а они, соответственно, собственно Оракл...
Иногда приятно работать в огромной конторе, которая может снять трубку, позвонить в Оракл, и сказать "...а вот это -- чтобы в следующем релизе, и без очереди, сукнахбл"...
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We're having issues with closing a pop-up critical alert -- sometimes users clicks Close, but the alert doesn't go away.

In the ultimate display of frustration and amazing dexterity, Phil managed to click the Close button 18 times in one second. If it weren't for the logs, I wouldn't have believed it.

UPD. You can't believe the logs after all. The requests were queued on a service discovery and after said discovery were all fired in rapid sequence...
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Phil, while monitoring order flow: -- Whoa! Man, look at that basket of one share...Bunch of pikers!
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"Assumption is a Mother of All Fuckups".

One of the teams that administers our stuff should have that shit tattooed on their fucking foreheads. We're doing application entitlement update. I am sending them a spreadsheet that says, "For role A, use entitlement B on node C". Repeat 152 times. The change as specified is completely transparent to current users. But following instructions is just too fucking difficult. One of the implementers sees another entitlement name, assumes that should be set to "true" ("because it makes sense") and just applies it without asking us or telling anyone.

Today at 7am I get an email that one of my client desks sees too many environments available for login while they are only used to seeing one. Then another on different continent...We start investigating...and there goes my day.

I now had to fix US (seems to be OK), had to wait for Japan and Hong Kong to get in and work with them in verifying that all logins work fine (found one problem), and now I have to be up until 2 or 3am doing the same exercise with London.

All because some cretin pulls "monkey see - monkey do".

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Irish twins -- kids born within one year of each other
Irish minute -- a long time
Irish exit -- leaving quietly (aka English exit, go figure)
Irish flu -- a hangover
Getting one's Irish up -- getting angry
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Phil: There will be beatings at my house tonight, I tell you that...
DM: Why is that?
Phil: Well, somebody knocked on the door. My wife was inside someplace, and before she could answer my youngest yelled "What do yo want, you old hag?!"
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I really, really hate the dumb bastards who can't or won't communicate on the job about job-related things.

With all my heart. Fuckers.
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I'm coming up in the world -- apparently, there are now people on the floor who know KDB less than I do...whenever people ask me for KDB advice I can't help but giggle...
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StuBacca -- Chewie's Italian cousin.
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The job of the model is not to be control's bitch.
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Is there light at the end of a secure HTTP tunnel?
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It's all fun and games until someone loses an odd lot.

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Just saw a business card of a lady named Saggie. No joke.

What the fuck kinda name is that to give to a little girl? Did her parents not like her?
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TY: I got a huge problem for you. The app eating my data!
DM: In a good way?
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Phil: I now have to leave home at 4am...
DM: Why??
Phil: I gotta be back home earlier, 5.45 or so so my wife could go to work...
DM: This fucking sucks...
Phil: Not really -- I haven't seen my wife for an entire week!
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The desk debate on whether to buy or sell AAPL continues, as it did pretty much every day for the last two months.

Phil is looking on Bloomberg at which institutional investors are getting in and out of AAPL recently...

Phil: XYZ is out (smart money), ABC is out (very smart money)...oh, and these guys are out too...
DM: So who's in?
Phil (scrolls):...The Norwegians are buying...It's over!
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Иду в pantry у нас на этаже брать дежурный пакет М&Мs.

А у машины стоит толпа французов. И жужжит. По-французски.

Mon Dieu, не протолкаться к шоколадке...
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Before I went to get coffee, from a conversation:

- I"m going for Brazilian today...
- I'd like a Brazilian with a Brazilian to bring me a Brazilian...


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