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Читаю Life -- автобиографию Keith Richards'a. Это труба, апокалипсис и анархия.

Apropos, недавно видел комментарий на ю-тюбе к клипу Jumping Jack Flash -- одной из моих любимых песен Stones: "Keith Richards cannot be killed by conventional weapons".

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Хочется прикупить ещё нечитанных книжек. Сразу дилемма -- брать на Киндл в электронном формате, и всё же живьём?

Как общественность нынче книжки покупает?
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"Off Magazine Street" is a beautiful book. I loved it.

The two main characters are so much worse more human than they are in the movie, and their motives are a lot worse more human. Great piece.

The guide

Aug. 14th, 2008 12:16 pm
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Got myself a copy of Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy. Yes, I am the very last person in the universe to get a particular book everyone has already read, yet again.

Thoroughly enjoying it so far.

The book is a 2005 hardcover edition, I got it second-hand via amazon. It is fairly large, has black leather cover and it's gilded on the sides (no word about this nonsense in its description). It looks like the Good Book (your choice which), and I thoroughly confuse my fellow subway riders with it. When I get this incunabulum out of my backpack people take me for a Talmudic scholar or a born-again dude. And then they freak out when I start laughing whilst reading it.

Added fun, I tell you.
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And then, darkness. For more than 1000 years democracy disappeared from the European scene. The period instead saw the blossoming  of an exciting array of alternate forms of government, such as monarchy, absolute monarchy, kingship, queenhood, and three different types of oppression (religious/ethnic/"for shits and giggles").

As for individual liberty, "innocent until proven guilty" was rapidly supplanted by a more aggressive law-and-order approach better characterized as "guilty until proven flammable."
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I'm probably the last person to have ordered this book by Jon Stewart et al, but I do believe it's better late than never.

When the book arrived at work, I have of course indulged in a few pages and started laughing my ass off, rattling my fragile coworkers.

You have got to love these guys. I mean, The Daily Show was always funny (despite them slummin' for Barack these days).

In the intro section on Democracy Before America,  there is a section on Timeline of Democracy with the

New books

Jun. 11th, 2008 04:45 pm
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Two new boxes of books:

1. The HDRI Handbook: High Dynamic Range Imaging for photographers and CG artists, by Christian Bloch
2. Digital Astrophotography: a guide to capturing the cosmos, by Stefan Seip

That was for the soul.

And now for the brain:

3. Basic Economics: A Common Sense Guide to the Economy, by Thomas Sowell (huge book)
4. Economic Facts and Fallacies, by Thomas Sowell

Now all I need is the strength to read #3 :)

Update: [profile] asol55 has yanked Basic Economics for his personal pleasure (he gets off on big books about economics, we know that).
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Developers at my picture host, Zenfolio, apparently are big adepts of this book - "Getting Real" by 37Signals.

It's  a very alternative approach to build software...just reading the table of contents is fascinating.
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Watched an amazing SHO documentary on our "drug war".

Ordered a book Powderburns: Cocaine, Contras & the Drug War by a fromer DEA agent Castillo Celerino. Must be an interesting read.
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Reading Ghost Wars: a secret history of Afghanistan, CIA and Bin Laden, from Soviet invasion to Sep 10, 2001. So far not bad.


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